Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The "sizzle reel" from Forum

The other day Dana tweeted this:
The link brings you to this fantastic montage from the show:

Let's break it down!

The clip starts with the theater logo and Dana speaking part of the opening lines from the play:

"Playgoers, I bid you welcome.  The theatre is a temple, and we are here to worship the gods of comedy and tragedy. Tonight, I am pleased to announce a comedy.  We shall employ every device we know in our desire to divert you."

Then we are taken to footage of the opening number and 20 cast members on stage. Dana is the one in the middle:

Next we get Pseudolus, Senex, Hysterium and Lycus singing "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid"

Everybody ought to have a maid,
Someone who's efficient and reliable,
Obedient and pliable,
And quieter than a mouse!
Oh, oh, wouldn't she be so nimble,
Fiddling with her thimble,
Mending her gown.
Oh, oh, wouldn't she be delightful,

Next we see Patrick Ridgewood do a solo performance of the song "I'm Calm". You may remember Dana talked about him on one of the new Snydecasts. He played the elevator operator in Pretty Woman.

Now Dana returns to the clip and sings part of "Lovely" as Hysterium pretends to be a woman... and dead.

Sweet and warm and winsome
Radiant as in some
Dream come true

Venus will seem tame
Helen and her thousand ships
Will have to die of shame!
You're so lovely
Literally lovely
That the world will never seem the same!
"Now lie there, close your eyes, and think dead thoughts. Good!"

Then we get the big finale! Watch Dana in the scene as he makes out with the scenery, it's funny.

What is the moral?
Must be a moral
Here is the moral
Wrong or right:

Morals tomorrow!

Comedy, comedy, comedy
Comedy, comedy, comedy
Comedy, comedy
Comedy tonight!

Enjoy this video, it's a great to be able to see Dana perform:

"A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum" in open now through May 6th at the Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach Florida.

Visit for more info and tickets!

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