Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Whotininnies 10: A Lumpy Anniversary

Whotininnies 10: A Lumpy Anniversary is a wonderfully scattered and unorganized episode. I mean that in a good way.

For a February show it features a bizarre amount of focus on The Star Wars Holiday Special.

If you haven't seen this before, glue your eyeballs to the screen for the next 1 hour and 56 minutes:

Hello again! That was a fun hour and fifty-six! Crazy stuff, right?
Ken and Glen also talked about toys! First the Tobor toy that had a commercial in the Holiday Special:

They then search eBay and find one in a box:

You too can bid against Glen for this Tobor here.

Glen also finds this  lady on eBay:

Also Ken looks at Bea Arthur autographs on eBay:
At this point I wish to point out that these two beings are essentially biologically the same:

They also talk about the Hot Toys "1989 Batmobile":
Finally Ken mentions that he had a Chipmunk's Theater Playset as a kid:
Ken mentions that the Simon and Theodore figures had letters on their shirts, just like Alvin:
Ken said he "tore them off" because the letters didn't actually belong on Simon and Theodore.

He's right. We all know that Alvin had to wear that scarlet letter "A" because he was an adulterer.
Make sure and check out Whotininnies 10: A Lumpy Anniversary!

If found that great Chipmunks artwork here. Check the site out for more good stuff.

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