Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snydecast mail

I received the following in the mail:

Hey hey Wienerbreath!

I've been listening to a few Snydecast holiday classics over the past couple days, and as I was partway through episode 131 "It Pours" (the highlight of which being the tale of Plumey's gravity-challenged santa suit debacle) the guys briefly discuss the fine douchey products available from a company called Scottevest. And this time, I decided to visit the website along with them and view the mysterious "apple head doll" celebrity they talk about.

And oh, I'm glad I did.

Seeing the photo now, which is still up, I thought it would be just the kind of thing worth mentioning on the Experience. I think you'll agree. The image below speaks for itself…


Remember this? You can hear the exchange at about 6 minutes into episode 131: It Pours.

"Here’s what’s interesting. I don’t know if they know he’s a celebrity." Dana Snyder

“He looks like an apple head doll.” Ken Plume

Ready to see it? CLICK HERE!

You can visit the website and see all the jackets here.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Awesome. And the Photoshopping is nothing short of spectacular! It's almost like he's standing RIGHT THERE!