Monday, October 10, 2011

What did Ken say?

Recently this tweet showed up on Twitter:

Ken PD Snydecast #85: Sucker Bet was released in 2009 and it ends with a bang.
Ken and Dana are discussing this amazing video:

At the close of the discussion Ken says "...although, a little part of me does wonder... I'm gonna turn my mike off. I'm gonna tell you what I say."
Ken then says something that puts he and Dana in a state of euphoric shock.
I took the last couple minutes of the show and made a YouTube video of it. Check it out:

So.... what did he say? Can it possibly live up to our imaginations? I don't know.
I am going to shoot an email to Ken & Dana. They are too busy to make another Snydecast, but maybe they have time to answer stupid questions.
If you have a guess, stick it in the comments!

UPDATE: I recieved a response from Dana "I can tell you wholly, I have no idea whatsoever."
Ken, the ball is in your court... what did you say about this young lady? Did it involve balls? We must know!

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