Friday, October 7, 2011

Liberace on The Muppet Show

On Ken P.D. Snydecast #114: Baby Driver the boys talk about Liberace:

 Dana: What’s funny about Liberace is that there is no reason he ever should have been famous. He was so stiff- 
Ken: (chuckles) 
Dana: Alright, what are we in? Seventh grade? We will laugh about that later, when we get in seventh grade. 
Ken: I say we take the podcast down to seventh grade. That way we get more listeners. 
Dana: He basically has the world’s worst stage presence. 
Ken: Yeah, but look at the rise. The rise of Liberace really happened- and again, I don’t mean the puns, In the 50s with TV. Anyone could be a star in the 50s. 
Dana: Oh absolutely it did! There it worked perfect. 
Ken: Because he was flamboyant, he had massive gestures that filled a TV screen.

 The discussion touches upon the many wacky things that Liberace did during his career.

Of course, his appearance on The Muppet Show was mentioned.Take a look:

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