Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video: The Cicada Club in Los Angeles

On KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #92: Fred Fu Dana talks about the amazing Maxwell DeMille's Cicada Club on South Olive Street in Los Angeles.
The club is an amazing recreation of the golden age of night clubs. Dana was there on AUGUST 19, 2009 to see his friend Christine Nelson perform with her band.

As Dana mentioned on the podcast the performance was taped and is on YouTube.

Dana says you can see him wearing a black suit (with no hat) slow dancing with his wife during the first slow song.

I will send a brand new penny to whomever finds him... winner must pay shipping.

EDIT: I am astonished to report that eagle eyed reader "I'm That Jon" actually found Dana in the video. 
I am also happy to report that "eagle eyed" is a comment about his ability to spot small details, rather than a terrible ocular defect. 

You are a winner sir! In order to claim your prize simply write your name and address on your computer screen in black sharpie. Make sure the blog is open so I can see it.

Then stick $3 shipping (plus 1 cent handling) into your CD-ROM drive or USB port and the penny will be sent ASAP!


Im That Jon said...

First video at 24:47 he walks across the floor but isn't dancing?

Im That Jon said...

Ohhhhh at 9:32. Do I win? I want a Lincoln penny if I do.

Guy Hutchinson said...

Amazingly I think you are correct! I am editing the post to indicate so!