Monday, October 17, 2011

Still a 5 Star Show... but for how long?

I was on iTunes the other day to give Ken's new podcast a well deserved favorable review (you should do the same, click here) and I decided to check on the reviews of the Snydecast.

 I can't say I would have expected a glut of positive reviews, after all there hasn't been a show in 160 days or so.

I did find a couple new five star reviews:
Yes, Ken did get hit by the train. He's OK, but the train had to be scrapped. 
You are the listener prophesied! Welcome aboard.

 Now there were also some negative reviews. First there was this dude who just wanted to tell us he liked a different show:
Interestingly I ran into Steve Dave and he told me you are "a reeel dooosh".

Also there was a review from this guy who hopes "everything's ok":
The guys are OK, they are just worn out from spending time with your momma.

 Finally there was this one from Duckie D.:
Oddly he was excited enough to use 3 exclamation points. Sad to hear he was let down. Now he knows how his wife feels.

If you haven't done so by now, you can leave a five star review here.

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