Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ken PD Snydecast #1

As we fast approach #200, let's take a look back at episode #1.

KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #1: Episode 1 seems rather quaint and charming today. The show is just over a half hour long and is really a fun listen.

It's full of some great quotes:

00:00 (Dana) Hello gang! This is Dana Snyder, the voice of Master Shake.

00:35 (Ken) This is Ken Plume for IGN Film Force.

00:46 (D) Our soon to be award winning podcast.

01:19 (K) Why can't we just be different?

01:25 (D) It's bad to be different, Ken.

02:37 (D) The point of making a bet is that you hurt if you lose.

03:16 (D)Are you sick or something?

03:58 (D) I swear you are the rudest guy I ever met in my life.

07:51 (D) We've gone from lame to nerdville.

09:39 (K) [sigh]

21:19 (K) You're making me sick, now.

28:12 (D) Don't soil the genre by mentioning the Care Bears.

30:36 (K) He's like Dear Abby - but Dana.

30:59 (K) [sigh]

32:10 (K) You took advantage of me.

32:59 (D) I gotta go to bed.

33:18 (K) Shut up! I hate you!

Also notable about episode 1 is the bet.

Dana bets that the podcast will become an "award winning" podcast. Ken said no.

Ken wanted to bet a dollar, saying it was a 'gentlemen's bet' but Dana wanted a "ball's bet".

Dana: When I went to high school, Las Vegas High School in…uh…
Ken: Las Vegas?
Dana: Boise, Idaho. Our rival school was Rancho High School. The football game every year-
Ken: I thought it would be Reno High… go on.
Dana: You keep interrupting!
Ken: I'm sorry, go on.
Dana: You're the rudest guy I ever met in my life.
Ken: Fine. Go on, I'm listening now.
Dana: You keep talking! Do me a favor.
Ken: Finish your anecdote.
Dana: Do me a favor-
Ken: Tell me about your childhood.
Dana: Do me a favor-
Ken: I'm listening.
Dana: Keep the lip zipped.
Ken: Fine.
Dana: From now until I say unzip it.
Ken: Go.
Dana: You keep talking.
Ken: Go on!
Dana: You're talking again! Do me a favor, just don't talk.
Ken: Okay.
Dana: Now you're just playing around. Stop playing around. Get serious.
Ken: Well how will you know when I'm listening?
Dana: Just be quiet and let me finish this. I'm trying to talk, I'm trying to say something real important.
Ken: Fine, I'm listening.
Dana: Maybe you'll learn something and you won't try and make the same $1 bet eight friggin' times in a row. Can you do that?
Ken: Fine. Learn me. Go.
Dana: When I went to high school, Las Vegas High School our rivals was Rancho. And the big football game with the rival every year we had a bone game. This was a bone, a guy who went to Rancho High School… his dad was a butcher and they had a hambone. They decided this was the trophy that they were going to… ah… the winner of the football game was gonna get to have the bone at their school. Which was shortly after bronzed. Only after they boiled it, and then it broke a couple times and then they bronzed it a couple years later. So what I'm saying is we should find something like that, that you have since you're obviously gonna lose the first time. It can be something symbolic much like the Stanley cup or something like a trophy. At least that's something. And not a dollar. Unzip.
Ken: Oh, now I can talk.
Dana: That's right, that's why I said unzip.
Ken: So we need to find a hambone, is that what you're saying?
Dana: Oh my god!
Ken: I know, so we need to find a symbolic hambone.
Dana: That's right.

They ended up deciding on Ken's Elwood statue vs. Dana's Jester stick.

Dana won the Elwood statue by claiming he would give the Snydecast an award through

The talisman was put up for grabs in Ken P. D. Snydecast Episode 4 in a bet regarding the weight of Paul Prudome vs John Popper. No winner was ever clearly determined and talisman was quietly retired after that.


Unknown said...

When I went to listen to the episode it said
"Error Opening File"

Guy Hutchinson said...

Yeah, sadly the older episodes are currently offline. Not sure when that will change. :(

Unknown said...

Ask Ken. He always ignores when I ask.