Friday, November 30, 2012

The Nerdist Squabble

If you aren't on Twitter, you missed the back and forth about Nerdist host Chris Hardwick and Mel Brooks that Ken had last night.

But, before we get to that, let's go back to the beginning of the month:
 I decided it was the perfect time to say something like this:
 Moments later Chris responded:

 It's a shame, when you think about it. Nerdist has almost 2 million followers. He must constantly get tweeted by people who like his show. However, who gets 2 responses? Some idiot who insults him.


Anyway, yesterday a website called Split Sider posted an article that read (in part):

 Not too long after popping Tom Hanks' podcast cherry, The Nerdist continued to impress and heighten the credibility of the podcast medium by chatting up Mel Brooks for over an hour and a half. It was Brooks's first appearance on a podcast, which was apparent when both the beginning and end of the episode found the guest asking Chris Hardwick how podcasts operate and are monetized (lot of people working on the answer to the latter.) 

Ken responded:
You can hear that Chat here.

Ken continued tweeting:
NOTE: I have nothing against @Nerdist. I hear he does good work feeding the hungry and healing the sick, & generally walking amongst us.

Next thing you know, I'll find out that @Nerdist is also given credit for my first kiss and my first girlfriend.

Nothing would surprise me anymore. RT @darkmagician: @KenPlume I hope for your sake @Nerdist wasn't your first 'girlfriend' ;)

Soon, Ken got a replay from Roger Cormier from Split Sider:

I can't find my shoes. HAS @NERDIST TAKEN MY SHOES, AS - nope. Here they are. #evervigilant

If there's 1 thing this @splitsider @nerdist affair has taught me, it's that there is nothing that I can possess which they cannot take away

I was going to tell you about some upcoming Bit of a Chat guests, but why even bother? You'll find out about them on @Nerdist later.

 Finally Chris and Ken buried the hatchet and agreed to (maybe) Chat together sometime.


Sithus said...

Chris Hardwick was one of the few very likable people on Attack of the Show on G4 TV (other than Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler). He's pretty funny and seems like a very genuine and nice guy! Can't wait for A Bit of a Chat with him and Plumey! Should be a great cast!

Guy Hutchinson said...

fingers crossed!