Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fried Potatoes

On KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #186: Halloweenies the boys discuss fried potatoes.

Once again, Ken expresses his disdain for the fries at In N Out burger.

Dana asks Ken if he ever had Belgian Fries.
Ken asks if that's the same as waffle fries:

The website The Secret History of French Fries writes about Belgian Fries:

The Dutch, however, cannot take responsibility for inventing the fry. Neither can the French. That honor goes to the Belgians, where fries are cherished even more than they are in Holland. The fry culture in Belgium is similar to that of Holland—fries are everywhere, the thick slabs of potatoes are freshly fried and served in paper cones, and they are offered with a variety of toppings, the most popular being mayonnaise—but the Belgians have also developed a wide variety of specialized fries shops, called, in Belgium "frietkots" or "fritures". These range from small stands, to sheds, busses and caravans, to shacks or quaint chalets.

Meanwhile, Ken describes the hash browns at Bojangles. They call them Bo-Tato rounds.

For real.

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