Monday, November 26, 2012

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume and Dave Thomas

Over on, Ken has been getting some 5 star guests to chat with lately. His most recent is a second chat with actor, comedian and SCTV alumnus: Dave Thomas.
Ken had his first chat with Dave Thomas back in the summer. It was a wonderful talk with great details into Dave's childhood and career. You can listen to it HERE.

Luckily, Ken has gotten Dave back on the show to chat about "SCTV, controversy, Danny, Candy, infrastructure, highbrows, Nielsens, and vinyl." You can listen to it HERE.

It's a great episode of a show that just gets better and better. Ken has an uncanny knack for getting celebrities to give a laid back, casual chat. It's a side of them we rarely see hear.

If you AREN'T familiar with Dave's work (shame on you) check out this classic clip:

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