Monday, August 5, 2013


It has been three months since Ken and Dana took a summer break from The Ken PD Snydecast.

When we last left Ken and Dana they had released #201: Elephansnydus on May 4th. They had just come off episode 200 where they had promised a special guest... who never materialized.

They had also failed to follow up on the Oscar bet and contest. They did talk about beards and Ken eating a chicken breast.


Here are some of the things that have happened since then:

Dana appeared on This American Wife.

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume & Hal Lublin

Dana posted video of the time he crashed into a tree.

Ken asked if Chris Hardwick would put Snydecast on the Nerdist channel.

Dana did interviews on Jordan, Jesse, Go! and Downright Creepy.

A Bit Of A Chat with Ken Plume & Sam Bain.

The Wizard of Oz opened at Lyceum with Dana as The Cowardly Lion.

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume & Rebecca Watson 7.

Dana did an interview with VOX magazine.

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume & Tony Way 4.

Fiddler on the Roof opened at Lyceum.

Dana appeared at Supercon in Florida.

An Evening With John Hodgman & Ken Plume VI

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume & Benari Poulten 3

Ken started posting archival interviews.

Dana shaved his beard.

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume & Graham Linehan 5

Ken rode Space Mountain.

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume & Sylvester McCoy 3

The boys hung out somewhere in California doing something.

Dana appeared on The Space Adventures of Chet Cosmos.

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume & Paul F. Tompkins 6

Dana cancelled his appearance at DragonCon.

Ken released Whotininnies 24.


Unknown said...

Cant wait for more! Ken, Dana, please end your summer break! Also i would like to know if theres anyway i can access the older episodes. Dr. Weinerbreath, great job as always!

Guy Hutchinson said...

Thank you!