Monday, April 15, 2013

Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell

Last night Dana tweeted: New Adult Swim Live action show I'm in starting this THURSDAY! Definitely worth watching!

From the NYTimes (yep, THAT NYTimes!)

It’s A Devil of A Job

The History channel scored a ratings triumph with its mini-series “The Bible,” which built to the Crucifixion and a heavenward glance. Now Adult Swim has gone fishing for the same faith-based audience by looking in the other direction.

Ha ha; just kidding. “Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell,” the latest bite-size series to join Adult Swim’s late-night lineup, is certainly looking for an audience, but most assuredly not that one. The series, which has its premiere Thursday night, has the same demented take on the world — or, in this case, the underworld — as the programming block’s other shows, like “Childrens Hospital” and “Newsreaders.”

Gary (Henry Zebrowski), a bumbling “associate incubus in training,” is trying to advance his career in hell by snagging souls. The 15-minute episodes also include occasional glimpses into what eternal damnation might be like. In one Gary has an encounter with a man who seems doomed to be forever banging on a vending machine in which a selection has become hung up and won’t fall to the output tray. Hell indeed. NEIL GENZLINGER

Take a sneak peek:

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Im That Jon said...

This is actually the "Pilot" from a few years ago. But still very funny!