Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is Old El Paso salsa made in El Paso?

KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #200 poses the important question:

Is Old El Paso salsa made in El Paso?

It was...

In 1958 the the plant opened in the El Paso County community of Anthony, Texas, the Mexican food plant, popularly known as the Mountain Pass Cannery, provided not only jobs for generations of Texans and New Mexicans, but also a reliable stream of revenue for New Mexico farmers who supplied the plant's giant roasters with a harvest of fresh green chiles and jalapenos every year.

The plant closed in 2002. The company had been purchased by Betty Crocker (which is made by General Mills) and it was deemed more cost efficient to make the products at their existing plants.

On Snydecast 200, Ken wondered if the salsa was now made in New Jersey. It's possible, they do have a plant in Vineland, NJ:

But there are no plants in Texas.

Here are a couple of classic commercials for Old El Paso:

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