Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You can own one of Dana's puppets!

This listing just popped up on eBay. It's being sold by the account Dana used when clearing out his "Craptorium" (as mentioned on the Snydecast a couple years ago.)

This is for a professional ventriloquist dummy. As the listing says:
"I am having to downsize my many show items, and this poor guy has got to go, but he is incredibly made by a real master! Don't know Albert Alfaro? Where are you from! Read below a bit about him! His figures go for BIG BUCKS! This is the steal you've been waiting for!
Albert Alfaro of Imaginarium Galleries is an artist and sculptor and over the past decade has become one of the foremost builders of truly unique hard ventriloquist figures. I happen to know that Albert has collected figures and one of his favorite builders is Tim Selberg and Alberts continued progression over the years has brought him equal in my eyes to Mr. Selberg.
All of the Imaginarium figures are unique and can only be had from Imaginarium Galleries. The figures come in different sizes from small 15" characters to full size 44" figures. All of Albert's controls are now direct linkage done in brass and the controls are super smooth and feel just right in your hands. His finishes are superb and the skin tones look like real skin. Many of his figures have real dentures and I don't think any other builders are doing that today. His wigs are custom made too for the final touch."

You can check out the listing on eBay by clicking here.

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