Friday, January 13, 2012

Warner Brothers Movie World Australia

On KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #91: Dad’s Vinyl Pool, Dana has returned from a trip to Australia and talks of his time at Warner Brothers Movie World and some of the "crazy" attractions they have there.

First, he mentions the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster based on the 2002 Scooby Doo film (which takes away any interest Plume had in the ride.)

Dana explains the outlandish props on the ride and does a funny Scooby Doo impression during the conversation.

Here is a neat video of the ride, with the lights on! It makes it easier to see what the props look like, but remember, the actual ride is in the dark:

Dana also talks about the cheap 1980s laser light effects:
And that the entrance looks far more kid friendly than the actual ride is:

After Scooby Doo, Dana talks about The Dirty Harry Bar and the "go ahead, make my nachos" sign:

And he mentions how they play the film inside despite the fact that it's a gritty R-rated flick and children are everywhere inside the restaurant.

Later they discuss how all the rides shut down in the middle of the day. Aussie listener Scott Lane explained to me that this is for the big street parade:

Seems odd to us here in the USA. Disneyland runs all the rides and shows during TWO daily parades and fireworks... still, Disneyland's parade doesn't have the good sense to pair Sylvester the cat with Catwoman:
Can you imagine what their kids would look like?

WB Movie World also pairs up Mike Myers' Shrek with Mike Myers' Austin Powers in the parade:
If only they added this Michael Myers:
And this Michael Myers:
I would be on a plane by dinner tonight for that!

Dana says the afternoon break caused him to miss the Looney Toons River Ride:

The Lethal Weapon Coaster:

And the Police Academy Stunt Show. Thankfully, Scott shared a pic with us:

Sadly, the show is now closed, but we always have YouTube:

Finally, Dana talks about one more attraction, the oddly titled "Batman Adventure: The Ride 2". 

The ride is a simulator ride, like Disneyland's Star Tours. Take a look:

Thanks to Scott Lane and all the good people of the internet for the pictures and video!

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