Monday, February 23, 2015

Morocco in EPCOT Center

On the newest episode of Ken PD Snydecast Dana talks about going to Morocco.

They mention Morocco in EPCOT. 

World Showcase has the following "country pavilions"
United States  
United Kingdom  
and Morocco.

These are large, multi-structure areas that contain examples of architecture as well as some of the following: live entertainment, restaurants and a ride.

The Morocco Pavilion contains the following:

Restaurant Marrakesh - Serves various types of Moroccan cuisine including: Harira soup, Pastilla Appetizers, couscous, various lamb dishes, and shisk kabob.

Tangierine Cafe - Serves hummus, various salads, rotisserie chicken, Baklava along with beverages including coffee, mint tea, slushies, beer, and carbonated beverages
Spice Road Table -Mediterranean

Tangier Trades - Sells jewelry, Moroccan clothing and shoes, mirrors made from camel bones, and daggers
Brass Baazar - Mosaic fountains and brass and silver plates and mirrors
Outdoor Baazar - extension of the Brass Baazar. Items include decorative ceramic tiles and vases, Moroccan instruments, and handmade baskets.
Medina Arts - More ceramics.
Casablanca Carpets - Offers Moroccan-made rugs, lanterns, and sconces.
Souk-Al-Magreb - Sells belly dancing how-to's, couscous and the cooking utensils to make couscous, fez hats, and rose water

Mo'Rockin - Rock and roll music set to Arabian rhythms

Meet Disney Characters from the films:
Aladdin & Jasmine

It's like the same as the country, I bet.

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