Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Brown Derby Cobb Salad

On Ken PD Snydecast 210 Dana and Ken talk about the Cobb Salad at Disney's Brown Derby:

The Brown Derby was a famous restaurant chain in the "golden age" of Hollywood. The restaurant chain was famous for it's hat shaped exterior... but not the one IN Hollywood.

The Hollywood Brown Derby, the most famous one in the chain, was not in a hat shaped building. This was done because the crazy scientologists in Hollywood were worried a giant martian might show up on earth and pick the restaurant up and wear it on his head.

The other locations didn't worry about this because derbys are "like, so last year on Mars."

The real Derbys have all closed and the one in Hollywood has been torn down and is now a parking lot.

Now take another look at this photo from the 1980s:

Now look again at the parking lot:
Notice something? "Juices Fountain" seems to have been passed over by the wrecking ball.

Juices Fountains still stands, but the most famous restaurant in Hollywood now has a bunch of Toyotas parked on top of it.

Ahhh well, we always have Orlando.

So, Disney re-created the Brown Derby an it is one of the finest restaurants on Walt Disney World property.

This is what the original interior looked like:

Now here is a photo of the Disney recreation:

Ken and Dana talk about the Cobb Salad:

Legend has it that it was made at the Derby as a midnight snack for Grauman's Chinese Theatre namesake Sid Grauman.

Disney has hat shaped cards with the recipe:

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