Tuesday, July 2, 2013


FLORIDA SUPERCON: South Florida's Comic Book, Anime, Animation, Video Game, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Pop Culture Convention is JULY 4-7, 2013. It's 4 days of fun featuring celebrity guests, comic book creators, voice actors, industry guests, cosplayers, artists, writers, panels, Q&A's, films & shorts, costume & cosplay contests, vendors, parties, anime, workshops, video gaming and more! FSC will be returning for year eight to the MIAMI AIRPORT CONVENTION CENTER (MACC).

Dana will be there, most likely with his amazing beard and stories of his recent and future turns on the stage.

 Plus you can get Dana's autograph:

If you don't want a standard autographed 8x10, you could get him to sign an ice cold can of Miller Light:

The quickly down the can of beer and crush it against your head.

Or, if you don't like beer, you can get him to sign a box of Chicken in a Biskit:

Then quickly eat all the crackers and crush the box against your head.

How about bring a Carvel Cookie Puss with you and then having Dana sign it in icing!

The quickly eat the Cookie Puss and get a MAJOR ice cream headache... causing you feel like you smashed something against your head.

You could get Dana to sign a picture of THE OTHER DANA SNYDER from Shawshank Redemption:

Have Dana write something about how he played the 1954 Food Way Woman and was a woman with female parts. That'd be hot.

Or just have him sign your Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom Co-Stars record:

If none of these work, maybe he can just draw an executive coaster for you:

Plus! At Supercon you can meet all your favorite celebrities and George Takei.

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