Monday, November 29, 2010

a second listen: Ken P. D. Snyde-Cast #33: A Total Eclipse Of The Heart

KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #33: A Total Eclipse Of The Heart

This gem was originally posted March 7, 2008. It starts with a rambling discussion about images that had been sent in to the logo contest Ken and Dana were running at the time.

Here is a sample of the back and forth on a particular contest entry:

Ken: It's not really split fifty-fifty, is it?
Dana: What do you mean?
Ken: Well, it is both of our podcasts… and… your picture is a little bit bigger.
Dana: Uh, what do you want?
Ken: In fact I almost look, kind of, crowded out.
Dana: You're welcome.
Ken: (chuckles) I'm kind of hurt by this.
Dana: You shouldn't be. You should be glad. That's the exact amount anyone can tolerate, right there.
Ken: Oh, I appreciate that, too.
Dana: And mine's all mouth.
Ken: Well they perfectly captured you, then. Didn't they?
Dana: Yeah. You look like- I don't know what the hell is going on with you. You look like an anime character.
Ken: ...mouth and I notice that everyone tries, you know, whenever they capture you it always has this really disturbing five o'clock shadow to it.
Dana: That is very true.
Ken: It's very… that and your Joker lips are kid of odd.
Dana: Well, I don't know about the Joker lips part as much. Those are pro-lips!
Ken: Yeah, yeah. They look like they might be on an inflatable doll.
Dana: Wow! What have you been thinking about, down in the basement, Plumey?
Ken: Yes. I've been thinking about making an inflatable Dana.
Dana: Wow. That's disturbing on several levels.

Later the conversation strays to a snag they encountered on the road to find Tommy Glasscock and the boys pitch a sitcom about a housebound morbidly obese man. The magic is capped off with Ken paying off that year's Oscar bet with a rendition of, you guessed it, A Total Eclipse Of The Heart.

It's worth a second listen, friends.

KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #33: A Total Eclipse Of The Heart

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