Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Booing Bristol?

On episode 161: Mail Nag Ken and Dana have a delightfully non-partisan debate over whether Bristol Palin was booed when Brandy and Max were eliminated from Dancing With the Stars.
Ken says yes, but Dana thinks the boos may be from Brandy fans who were sad to see her go.

You can see the clip on Youtube (skip to about 0:45)
Brandy's Shocking Elimination from Dancing With The Stars

Later Ken and Dana pondered if Sarah Palin was booed when she was shown in the audience (skip to about 0:25)
Sarah Palin Booed on Dancing with the Stars
Ken heard booing, but Dana heard applause.

You can decide for yourself.
It's fun whether you are so anti-Bristol you would shoot your own TV or so pro-Bristol you would vote many times using fake email accounts.

If you are the latter, let me suggest kpdsnydecast@gmail.com or kenpdsnydecat@gmail.com.

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