Friday, May 22, 2015

Pan vs Pan

On the newest Ken PD Snydecast Plume talks about the differences between the Peter Pan ride at Magic Kingdom vs Disneyland.

They are very different. To start, the Magic Kingdom attraction is two minutes and forty-five seconds long. This is thirty-five seconds longer than the Disneyland version.

Ken discusses the new queue which we will get to tomorrow.Today, let's get to the rides:

LOADING AREA (Disneyland marked as DL, Magic Kingdom is MK)


The dog is in the first scene in the Disneyland version. At Magic Kingdom she is in the second scene, outside:

Magic Kingdom has a much longer flyover of London. Disneyland you quickly fly over a few buildings:

There are very different flyovers of the Mermaid Lagoon and Neverland. Disneyland has more realistic looking mountains. The mountains in Magic Kingdom are very stylized.

It's in the final moments that you can see the substantial differences between the two attractions. Scenes are extended in Florida and there are scenes that are more elaborate. Also things are in a different order:

You may remember Ken talked about how the Magic Kingdom's Cpt. Hook doesn't sound right:

The ship sailing off at the end of the Disneyland attraction is more visually impressive:

All of these stills are taken from the two videos below:

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