Friday, May 22, 2015

Guy Hutchinson's Book!

Sesame Place, written by Guy Hutchinson

A big thanks to Dana and Ken for promoting my book on the newest episode. You canorder it directly from me at

Also for pre-orders get an original Sesame Place token from the Computer Gallery in the 1980s (while supplies last.)

The book will feature over 150 color photographs that cover the storied history of the park.  Photographs allow you to see what it was like to visit Sesame Place in 1980, entering through a giant Big Bird head and walking across a massive suspension bridge over the park.

Park designer Eric McMillan created the (now ubiquitous) ball crawl where children can climb through pits of thousands of colored balls. Sesame Place was one of the first places anyone ever experienced this novel idea.  In 1980s, Sesame Place also boasted being home to “the nation’s largest collection of computer games” and thousands of children and adults got their very first computer experience at the park.

The book also showcases the park’s growth in the 1990s, where focus shifted to water rides and adding more walk-around costumed characters and stage shows.  The 1990s also saw new themed areas; Twiddlebug Land and Elmo’s World.

Special attention is paid to Sesame Place’s A Very Furry Christmas and The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular events.  Through photographs and captions we document the amazing parades at Sesame Place.

The book wraps up with Cookie’s Monster Land, the newest area of the park.  Sesame Place: Images of Modern America is being released this summer to coincide with the park’s 35th Birthday (Sesame Place doesn’t have anniversaries).  The book is designed to appeal to nostalgic fans of the park and theme park aficionados who want to learn the unique history of Sesame Place.

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