Tuesday, June 3, 2014

5 Awesome Things From Ken's Office You Can Buy on eBay

Ken tweeted out this photo recently:
It's always fun to see all the crazy pieces of pop culture in Ken's office. I decided to try and find some of the coolest items on eBay.

So if you want your office to look like Ken's, hop over to eBay!

Statler and Waldorf Palisades Toys:
You can pick up these figures mint in box, but it will cost you $89.

1991 Walt Disney's Fantasia Commemorative Lithograph Framed Print:
A classic shot of Mickey from The Sorcerer's Apprentice segment from Fantasia. You can buy it framed for $34.99. Or make the seller an offer.

Mexico Donald Duck Bean Bag:
Here's a cute little Donald Duck in Mexico attire. Only $4.99.

1990 Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny Framed Print:
A very cool print of Bugs eating popcorn in a theater. It'll set you back $29.

Cobra Commander the Dictator GI Joe 1/6 Scale Sideshow Exclusive Figure:
Finally, if you're looking for a higher end item, try this. There are a few on eBay. Lowest price right now is $140.

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