Monday, November 4, 2013

Some vintage recordings...

I get lots of requests for the back episodes. The old ones have been wiped from the internet with no signs of returning.


There are quite a few crossover episodes between Cabin Fever and The Ken PD Snydecast. Those eps are still online.

You could listen to Cabin Fever #87: To Kill a Leprechaun.That episode featured Ken Plume joining Brian and Aaron for a funny chat.

How about this one:

CABIN FEVER #38: Episode V - The Snyder Strikes Back 
Here is the description:
It is a dark time for Cabin Fever. Although Ken and pHitzy have recorded a perfectly good show, the two rejects Dana and Aaron, in an attempt to stay relevant, spew rubbish for an hour. Many subjects are raised in an effort to hide their sense of rejection, but ultimately they fail…
If you want another Ken guest appearance, there is also this one:

CABIN FEVER #23: Are You There Ken? It’s Me, Brian
Here is the description:
While the boys are waiting for their shiny new recording equipment to arrive they have a chat with Quick Stop Duck-In-Charge Mr. Ken Plume sur la telephone. There’s not much in the way of preparation or content but plenty in the way of innuendo. The Cabin Fever romance continues unabated and also unrequited while Aaron admits his desire to dress-up for the camera. This one is perfect for anyone with a short attention span.
Do you remember the big 2 part crossover from January 2009?

Check it out:

CABIN FEVER #54: Fever Snyde - Part 1 - Worlds collide! Through the use of miraculous technology, the Cabin Fever duo of Brian and Aaron round a cyber-corner and come face-to-face with Ken Plume and Dana Snyder of Snydecast fame. What will happen? What won’t?!?! This is Part 1. Check for Part 2 in the Ken P. D. Snyde-Cast #80.

Here is the link to the Cabin Fever page:

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