Tuesday, June 18, 2013

VIDEO: Ghostbusters

Ken PD Snydecast 9: A Mailbag Special features talk of Ken's fav flicks including: Blues Brothers, Mr. Holland's Opus, MASH, Spinal Tap, Animal House and Ghostbusters.

Here is the classic Stay Puft scene:

Here is a fun gem, a commercial for the cereal based on the cartoon:

If you ever wondered why the cartoon was called "The Real Ghostbusters"? It was to differentiate it from the Filmation cartoon Ghost Busters which was based on a 1975 live action Saturday morning show.

This must be seen to be believed... Larry Storch and Forrest Tucker and a guy in a ape costume:

 It's like they rolled the decade of the 1970s into a ball and threw it at your TV.

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