Friday, May 22, 2009

Universal Studios Hollawood

A short clip featuring the parting of the Red Sea... with King Kong.

Guessing Plumey didn't post his pics... and i'm not about to jump into my vast array of pics from my numerous times of going there since 1989... but I will post a pic and link to my visit from a couple of years back:

Oh yes. They bled me dry that year. More pics here

Also, as i've spoken to Dana many a time regarding can check out all the info at as well as

Also, as these sites mention... the Battlestar Galactica part of the Studio Tour was replaced by the Back to the Future Ride (which is now the Simpsons Ride.) 



Snydley said...

Actually, I think Battlestar was replaced by Earthquake! The Big One!, not back to the future, that was an entirely new building built just for that.

But in any event, a fine post John!

John J. said...

If you're referring to the one in Florida, then I believe you. I've actually never been to the state of Florida.... at all.

Also nice to hear a compliment for once, Dana. ;)