Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'd actually posted this, what seems like centuries ago in response to a failed experiement:

Bonus vid: Ghostbusters: The Game Trailer:

A bit of info on the game: The game was original due for release back this past October until Activision (the original producer/distributor) merged with Blizzard Entertainment of World of Warcraft fame, and passed the game to Atari with a June release.

If you're overseas and DON'T have either a PS2 or PS3, you'll have to wait a bit longer for the game. Sony Entertainment recently purchased the rights to produce and distribute the game.

Regardless, if you're here in the States, pick up the game this June for PS2, PS3, X-Box 360, and Nintendo Wii (which actually has a different animation style... which as Dan Ackroyd has stated is along the lines of Pixar's The Incredibles. Click here for the Wii Trailer)


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