Friday, April 17, 2009

Scooby-Doo Not

Added bonus: Police Academy Stunt Show -- Apparently ended the week Dana was there.


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Hans Flagon said...

okay, here is a comment question about the Police academy stunt show.

Do you think any improvisation is taking place? Or is it all rehearsed bits they have done hundreds of times?

That is, the 'interaction' between the actors and the audience or narrator. appears, has the sheen, of true interaction, of some non scripted nonsense going on. But it isn't really being prompted except by the actor. And it could be a clown move that the actor does EVERY TIME. But it has the feel of an extra bit that the actor can choose to throw in or leave out as they choose.

The question is... is the actor mixing it up some, or just doing the exact same pantomime he does every show?