Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Music Treat from Dana

In honor of my new favorite panel I like to do at our friend mike's animation shows where I play what I have on my iPod, and is always strange/insane music I thought I'd do it here as well, perhaps a track a week.  Just click the title of this post to download the track.

To start off with a bang I'm putting up one of my all time favorite tracks here for you to enjoy-

What is it?

Well what would you get if you combined a Brooklyn accent, Borscht Belt lines, and what could only be thought of as cocaine infused, manic drumming style?  A children's album of course, well Sam Ulano's Children album actually!  It is almost insanely paced to the point of being incoherent.  He is truly a musician to be reskoned with, he's played with almost everybody, but he's all by himself on this little beaut.  This is a mini medley of "Little Red Rhumba Hood", and a Rhythmical Tour of the world called "S.S. Rhythm"  enjoy, and know if you're feeling sleepy, this will easily substitute for several cups of heavily caffinated coffee.


CharlesRaymondTaylor said...

Thank you Dana. This is absolutely amazing.

Just when I thought I couldn't get enough snydecast, you guys come out with this and my world is a much brighter place.

Sean said...

Dana I played this for some of my co-workers they were... concerned.

Ryan said...

I'm pretty sure he laps himself around the Conga Woodsman part.

I've been really getting in to novelty recordings lately, and I've pretty sure it's because of the Snydecast.

beersmith said...

Sweeeet, thanks Dana! I think you should post 1 enjoyable song a week for our listening pleasure.

Hans Flagon said...

I need this album. For the lovechild of the Baron of Love. Think of the children.

Anonymous said...

children in the age range of 3 - 8 years have been begging for this kind of master piece. sam the drummer is the historical pinnacle of child entertainment. it only goes down from here.