Wednesday, September 2, 2015


As Dana mentioned on the newest Ken PD Snydecast, Captain Ron is the greatest movie ever.

For those that haven't seen it, it's a comedy from 1992 directed by, future James Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan.

It tells the story of an eccentric captain who helps a family begin a love affair with the sea.

Originally released in 1991as Kanitah Poh in Kurt Russell's native land of Glottenberg.
It was a smash hit in Glottenberg raking in over seventy million marcorubios (about 1 million in US currency.)

The film starts off with Kanitah Poh (played by Russell) showing up at the dock with his beat up old ship.

It's revealed that Kanitah Poh is a cocaine addict and he needs help.

Martin Short plays a doctor that specializes in seafaring drug addiction. He brings his family aboard the ship for a 2 day cruise to the other side of the Warner Brothers' lot.

 Martin Short (playing Martin Short) asks Kurt if the boat will sail and then Kanitah Poh utters his most famous line:

Martin Short then has Kanitah Poh remember his childhood. He spent little time riding a bike with a piano attached to the handle bars.

Kanitah Poh claims that he fell off his bike as a kid trying to run over a milk carton. Martin Short refutes this claim and says "I have video taped your whole life."

That night Kanitah Poh dreams that Martin Short is a pretty girl and he is a monkey with a sweet valentine's day t-shirt.

In the morning a changed Kanitah Poh wakes up and decides to tell his story to Martin Short and his family.

They all decide that cocaine isn't good for you. Everyone is happy, especially Kanitah Poh!

A friendly trader offers them fish for Kanitah Poh's last bag of cocaine.

But it turns out Martin Short accidentally ate it, bag and all. Kurt wants him to cough up the cocaine.

Suddenly Ant Man shows up and Ken is unimpressed and Dana goes to the bathroom because he's old.

 Then a wiser Martin Short goes back to school.

Captain Ron! Go see it! Each sold separably. Ask your parents for permission.

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