Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Snydely Interviews

Dana has been doing some press for his new Adult Swim show.

CLICK HERE for Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 274: Big Band with Dana Snyder

Actor Dana Snyder joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jewish wizards, Wad Lord, and Jesse breaks down The Spinners' song, "Rubberband Man." Plus Jesse has a few big momentous occasions to announce.

CLICK HERE for DownRight Creepy: Interview with Dana Snyder

Dana, thanks for joining me on the Creepcast - how are you?

Dana Snyder: Thanks, Creepy!

DRC: Let’s start off with the name of the new show you are on… YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL. Do you know who named the show? It's an incredible name so I am just curious?

DS:That name i believe came from our dark lord and masters, Chris Kelly and Dave Willis.

DRC: Evil geniuses. So it's not a spin-off of Pretty Little Liars? Oh. Okay.

DS: IT IS, 100 percent. But don't tell the pretty little liars that please. We don't want a cease and desist order.

DRC: Who do you think the title is speaking to? Is it speaking to me? Kim Kardashian? Selena Gomez who are we talking about here?

DS: Don't be an idiot, it speaks to everyone who's ever loved...or needed love...or had a human heart, which is clearly not you or Selena Gomez.


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