Monday, August 30, 2010

Snydecast Returns!!!!

Hey Snydecast Fans...

It's been awhile, hasn't it? We've all been waiting with baited breath for the scheduled "Summer Hiatus" to end. Well, it's finally over...

Dana, Ken, and all the crazies from FRED Entertainment will be holding this year's Ken P. D Snydecast Panel LIVE at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA. The Panel will be in the Marriott Marquis (Room A601 - A602) bright and early at 10am on Friday morning, September 3rd.

If you're going to Dragon*Con this year, this is a must see. If not, I'm sure Plume will have this thing recorded and up on FRED in the coming weeks.

Also, in Dragon*Con news... It's my honor and privilege to announce that I will be moderating "The Dana Snyder Show" Panel at Dragon*Con. Details are sketchy at best, but it'll be myself, Dana, special guests, and awesome fun. That panel will be held Sunday afternoon at 4pm in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta: Dunwoody Room.

For all things Dana, [adult swim], and beyond... check out the [as]central Dragon*Con Website for very detailed info on what's going on and when. Also, I'll be in the Marriott on the Marquis Level most of the weekend at the [as]central fantable. Feel free to stop on by and say hi.


CharlesRaymondTaylor said...

It's about time. I was genuinely worried they weren't coming back and I was a step away from dressing my dog like Ken and bickering with him over how to best prepare a roast.

Noskilz said...

I really enjoyed all the Dana Snyder and Ken Plume panels I was able to get into - such as The Syndecast panel and the Nuts on the Road game show.

And I just want to assure you that when I asked when the Syndecasts would resume at the panel, I wasn't being critical - I was just curious if you had a return date in mind. As a regular listener, I know you guys can be very busy.

John J. said...

I have to be honest... I totally missed the Snydecast Panel. Probably not a good idea to schedule it first thing on Friday when people are setting things up.

Regardless, I must say... the "Master Shake" panel I moderated with Dana was EPIC. Check out pics here

P.S.: Yes, my hair's messed up... I was rather disoriented by Sunday afternoon. x_x