Friday, February 20, 2009

A not-so-brief clarifcation on the Snydecast Skypemail

Hey Kids,

Wanted to clarify the issue (or lack thereof) with the Snydecast Skype Voicemail as addressed on the most recent Snydecast episode...

I'm using the most up-to-date version of Skype ( on the PC (WinXP to be exact) and I screencapped exactly what happens when I call the VM...

Example One: Once you get through Dana's spiel about ritualistically killing Plumey in order to make this Voicemail Greeting, you will be prompted to leave your voice message. As you can see, the Green Button does not light up and is therefore inactive. The red button, as you can see from the image, prompts you to click it once you are done leaving the message.

Example Two: Once you've clicked on the red button, it confirms (presumably) that the voicemail has been sent. Clicking the red button a second time will disconnect you from the voicemail completely.

I hope that helps out on the confusion of buttons. I have to wonder if since the Mac version of Skype isn't as up-to-date as the PC version, if this may be different as Plumey had originally described... if anyone would like to test it on Mac, please do go ahead and let us know here. I don't have eleventy billion dollars for a flipping AirBook (like some people do, Dana. :P) so I can't exactly test it myself.

Besides that... I like games...



Hans Flagon said...


On older Macs (I'm using a g4 powerbook) Skype may be even older. I think the newest version I have is I think Skype 3 and newer look for an intel processor like the newer macs. Its been a while since I have seen Danas desk, but seems I recall a white slab iMac, that could have been g4,g5, or intel.

Doesn't seem like that should make a difference in using Skype. I don't think the versions matter that much. I would bet the difficulties are probably more likely one of bandwidth. That's the most common Skype bugaboo. It needs and wants the bandwidth. And when it doesn't get the bandwidth, it chokes.

I don't have a message to leave, so I cannot check it out myself, at the moment. Last time I almost tried to Skype was during a PlumeCast and Trish called in instead.

Airbook huh? That's a bit ostentatious. But I suppose Its needed for the Hot Tub in the SyndeRanch.

John J. said...

>> "I have to wonder if since the Mac version of Skype isn't as up-to-date as the PC version..."

I know I tend write in detail (paragraphs, even.) but I figured i'd point out that i'm well-aware of the lack up Skype updates on Mac. I'll be having one of my underlings test it soon.

Plumecast... lulz. Was that the one where he allegedly promised her ice cream? I'll believe that when I get to Dragon*Con. XD

Snydley said...

Firstly John, Mac does sell computers other than a macbook air. The airbook is no more awesome, than the fact it is roughly 95 pounds less, and I gotta travel so much it's great for me. Am I the only asshole in the universe who owns one of these things? I made the money to pay for it! I'm entitled aren't I? What's this torrent of hate for me and my Airbook? I mean, it's solid gold, and has my portrait etched into the cover, but that's the charm of it. What's ostentatious about that?

Snydley said...

p.s. that movie you put up is nothing but horrible. I know Mac sucks for games, but two it guys making a youtube video about it is even worse. No entertainment value whatsoever. This should be a place of relaxation, enjoyment, and me screaming at Plumey for something, not that dreck! Does anyone enjoy that crap?

John J. said...

Hate? No... I'm just pointing out that I can't afford a friggin Mac-anything. :P

Also, just because you don't like the Red vs Blue guys doesn't mean everyone who posts here do as well. :P :P

<3 -j

John J. said...

Also, before I decided to post the video I scoured the web to find this animated image i'd seen of Hodgman blowing off Justin Long's face with a RPG. :D

Also also, I used to live in Best Buy.. their Mac Books, etc. are always $999+

Also³: Yes, we know you're a Mac-o-phile, Dana. You have an Airbook and an iPhone... There's nothing to hate about that... more like be envious like of your Powerpoint Skillz.... on that video that will probably never be released. XD

Hans Flagon said...

I think the reason Greenpeace gets on Apples ass, other than the free publicity, is exactly that reason, that they have moved to the chunk it and buy a entire new mac business model. They have made plays at making them easily user upgradable a few times, the last chunky G5 imac (maybe it was the G4) had the highly modular innards. Of course, with it being the last of the G5 line there was no upgrade path. And the Intel innard macs was based on PC industry standard NOTEBOOK innards, the non upgradeable kind.

And of course, Dana was right, it is super lame to fuss about lack of games on the Macs, almost as lame as it is to buy a PC just to play games.

I only saw one guy though. Dana watched it as much as I watched it, until now, because Johns description suggested to us what we were about to see and we interpolated something even more complex. It wasn't Mac vs PC, it was whiny PC solo sourgrapes.

I thought Red Vs Blue meant it had to be mimed by Halo characters.