Friday, March 13, 2009

Follow the Twits *updated*

Some of the peeps you should be following on Twitter (It's the latest craze, y'know):

Snydely's Twitter

Plumey's Twitter

Paul (Sabourin) and Storm's Twitter

Brian Fitzpatrick and Aaron Poole from Cabin Fever

John Hodgman's Twitter

Widgett Walls from

John J's Twitter



Hans Flagon said...

Maybe Dana would like to try Twitter in stealth mode first, so he will not be immediately bugged by hordes of fans as he sorts out what Twitter is. That is he could be on twitter as a Milk shake or something equally obscure.

I'm not even sure Plumey is that comfortable with twitter yet. But he is selling the notion where he can.

But its basically like microblogging except its real simple because you only have 140 characters to say anything. You don't have to write a lot. And the comments you might get as replies are more frequent as well because of this ease of use. More traffic and less hassle, means those using twitter use it more.

You do not have to use the cellphone SMS aspect of twitter at all, I feel that the majority do NOT. But there are decent twitter clients for the iPhone, if you want to check what is up, or post.

When you have a lot of followers and are at a public event is where it could be really powerful. Dana could tweet, "I'm at Trader Vics! Come buy me a drink, but don't bother me, or I'll kick your ass" and get his tab covered.

It is sort of like a RSS feed, sort of like a chat room or bulletin board, but it isn't necessarily tied down to real time interaction. You can ignore or interact as you see fit. It can be as low maintenance as you like, like email.

Ken, have you run into VoiceOver actors on twitter? I mostly see actor/geeks. For those in Anmation, I see more Blogger blogs.

John J. said...

I actually posted (Yeah, I don't like that "Tweet" business either.) about Trader Vic's "eating me alive" during Dragon*Con last September. x_x

Twitter is basically a fast forum/slow chat where people (like Plumey) ignore your replies. lol. XD

Overall, it's fun stuff. :)

P.S.: There are many celebrities (and people disguised as celebrities) on the Twitter... Will Ferrell decided to follow me the other day... i'm still not sure if he's the real deal or not...I mean he's following ME. x_x

Hans Flagon said...

There is a list of the fake celebrities (and real ones) on one of the twitter mega wikis.

Plumeys Twitter Posts (or tweets, if you want to just use a shorter phrase, its not twee or precious, just shorter in a world where characters count) have probably been responsible for the last few follows I have added.

TheSkwerl said...

On Dana's use of Twitter (that sounds so dirty anyway), I would be a good idea because he's very open with the fans and not afraid to let people know what's up, Ken, on the other hand, I'm surprised that he's got one because he's a little shy when it comes to letting people in on his "stuff & things"!!!!!!!1

John J. said...

Skwerl: Truth be told, Ol' Plumey's the one who got me addicted. I'd had Twitter previous but it kinda annoyed me. I'm right about to discuss it more on the Swimcast... recording in progress...

smallerdemon said...

I'll weigh in on the other side.

Dana: twitter schmitter. Stay away from that rat's nest of attention deficit disorder theater. What, email isn't good enough for people now? Blogging was TOO restrictive because it offered TOO much opportunity? Keep on keepin' on in the analog world my friend.

(Disclosure: Twitter is like the only service I haven't signed up with.)

Snydley said...

Of course Plumey likes Twitter, he can say something and purposely be as cryptic as possible- Say something and not have to give any explination, makes him seem sexy and spy-like.

Snydley said...


John J. said...

I like Twitter also... it saved that one guy's life when he like got arrested. Also... Will_Ferrell.