Friday, December 5, 2008

You CAN Do That On Podcasts

Some YCDTOTV Fun (a.k.a.: Guess it's my job to post these. :P )

The Intro

Barth Burgers

Locker Jokes (another recurring skit on the show)

Alanis Morrisette gets SLIMED!

Also found this... SlimeCon 2009:

There's also plenty of eps on YouTube... enjoy.



Hans Flagon said...

Okay, since no one else has commented.

I had a crush on Moose, and that was one of the main reasons I watched the show. I think I stopped watching before future celebrities like alanis morristte bcame part of the cast.

I recall a writer at Vanderbilt University's newspaper got a job writing for the show right out of college.

And the show was created by Roger Price, who I think is connected with Price Stern Sloan, the publishers behind Mad Libs.

And I haven't heard the latest syndecast yet, so I don't know if any of this has been discussed there.

Evander said...

I don't know where better to post this, but Dana I was EXTREMELY disappointed at the lack of mention of Chester A. Arthur on this week's podcast. The man had BOTH a wonderful name and wonderful facial hair.


John J. said...

Let's not forget James K. Polk either. :P

Unknown said...

If Terry Gillam didn't do that intro animation (which according to our favorite website, he did not), he should have sued the piss out of them.

Evander said...

James K. Polk is amusing, but he already has a song. If you forget James K. Polk in a discussion, you don't take that song away from him.