Thursday, December 11, 2008

Support the Snydecast!

As everyone surely knows, times are getting tough, and current events have hit a little close to home.

If you enjoy the Ken P.D. Snydecast and would like to it keep going, PLEASE take a moment to click on the DONATE button below and give whatever you can spare.

It can be a little, it can be a lot, but whatever it is, it’s genuinely and truly appreciated.


CharlesRaymondTaylor said...

I gave what I could. Hopefully it helps to keep our beloved Snydecast on the podair. Being from the ever so non-corrupt state of Illinois. I propose what I call the Gov's special. I gave you this money.

I recently registered for the Monty Python contest on the site. Perhaps you could, cough, mumble. Rig it so I get that boxset.

In all seriousness, here's to a lot of donations and many more a snydecast return. God bless us. Every one.

John J. said...

Oh Kenny... Couldn't you have just said "Support Quick Stop Entertainment?" I mean the Snydecast is essentially an mp3 file, QSE is a website. It's like if WNET in New York goes out of business, Antiques Roadshow is still going to have a home somewhere. :P

CharlesRaymondTaylor said...

You mean that they could have just put all the links to the snydecast on a different site? Or they could've just distributed it only via iTunes.

Oh my god, you have bamboozled me Plumey. That money was all I had to pay back the last of my mob funded gambling debt. Now I'm going to have to embark on a world spanning cat and mouse game with mafia hitmen. Ultimately ending in my coming full circle and visiting bloody revenge on my pursuers. Thanks a lot Ken.

mattrulz said...

so is this money going to the snydecast? or is it going to quickstop because of the recent departure of think geek's sponsorship?

either way I have no problem giving but it seems as though you are holding the podcast for ransom so you can continue to get paid from quickstop.

tell silent bob to get out there and earn so he can employ people other than his buddies.

in all seriousness, I do truely enjoy this podcast and even if quickstop can no longer host you guys, I hope that you will continue to upload to itunes or just start using this site to host it.

I enjoy the snydecast much better than the Smodcast anymore anyways. The smod has turned into an hour long masturbation session for Kev and Scott. I really don't want to hear an hours worth of self indulgent role playing and Smith getting baked the whole time. he is truely less enteresting the more stoned he gets. (and this is coming from an ex-stoner) I would rather hear you guys talk about nothing for 2 hours. genuinely funny people are hard to find, and you guys (somehow) got the right mix.

sorry for the rant...

anyway, I hope that you guys keep the podcast going no matter where it ends up being hosted. It is hugely enjoyable to me, so I hope that it is equally enjoyable for you to make them.

Thanks guys.

mattrulz said...

Wow, can I not spell.

Hans Flagon said...

Hey, I love Think Geek and am a customer.

Everytime you donate to Ken P.D. Snydecast, a word in the soliciting paragraph will change its location.

Hans Flagon said...

Oh, bandwidth costs money, and iTunes doesn't host podcasts, it just moves them through the store via RSS feeds, so that is not the solution.

annamichelleroot said...

As soon as I heard your podcast I knew I had to donate to you guys. I love your show, cabin fever, and the smodcast. Now that I have them I couldn't imagine my life void of their wonderful, rambling would be unbearable. Anyway, I'll donate again soon and for as long as you guys need it. Dana you are hilarious, and Ken you are simply made of awesome! Keep those Snydecasts coming.

Douglas A. Waltz said...

I'm going to need details before I donate. Sorry, it's the way my brain works.

John J. said...

D-tails: Quick Stop hosts the Snydecast on their server... obviously their host charges them (Plumey, Kevin Smith, whoever) up the provervial rear for server hosting, domain charges, etc. With the "struggling econony" goings on, Quick Stop needs some dough to pay for this stuff... otherwise no money = no server = no place to put the Snydecasts, etc.

So basically Plumey has started what could essentially be considered a server drive. So in a nutshell... if you like the content of QSE (which of course includes the Snydecast) and don't want to see the possibility of it dissapearing off the face of the internet... give a bit back. $5... $10... a buffalo nickel. Ken doesn't seem to mind as long as it's legal tender.

Douglas A. Waltz said...

Okay, that makes sense. I'll see what I can do after the holidays to help support my favorite podcast. Shame any of it gets used for the rest of Quick Stop which I consider to be garbage, but what are ya gonna do?