Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Part Of Dana Snyder Will Be Played By....

Evening, Snydecasters:

For those who don't know me, I am John J. from [adult swim] Central. I am both honored and privledged to have been made a contributor here at the Experience in the absence of Plumey and the Snyde.

I'll be posting pertinent information for each Snydecast as I find stuff availible. If anyone has anything Snyde (or Plume x_x) related, feel free to drop a comment or an e-mail to me at mistershake at

**Blatant Whoring Time**

Also, if you're a fan of the Snydecast... and why the frig would you be here if you weren't, there's a tiny little side project we have over at [as] Central...

[as] Central Presents [adult swim] Swimcast Intended for the Internet

Mind you, it's not as good as the Snydecast, but we try to keep the same style.... except think of the Snydecast if it were a train with the conductor on LSD.

Basically if you like [adult swim], guest interviews (including a really awesome 2 part interview with Dana), episode recaps of your favorite shows, and random absurdities... feel free to check it out.

*The Swimcast, [as] Central, and it's parent company, Sentralizer Productions do not take responsibility in any broken earbudz.*


CharlesRaymondTaylor said...

Your plea for listeners reminds me of the video professor.

Please, try my product.

Nice to see new content. It was getting old having my hopes and dreams smashed when I checked the blog. Since the snydecast isn't up yet, swimcast ahoy.

John J. said...

Well, as long as it didn't sound like a Liberty Medical ad.

" may choose to feel sorry for The Swimcast. I hope you don't..."

CharlesRaymondTaylor said...

That interview with Dana was great. I envy you, you lucky bastard.

John J. said...

Nothing much to envy... i'm just some guy. But thanks. :)