Friday, November 21, 2008

A little something while we wait...

Question: What do you get when you cross an 80 year old mouse with a 25 year old robot?


I have no idea whether to be scared or facinated by this.

More images here

Stay Tuned for Ep 70 of the Snydecast.

-John J.


Hans Flagon said...

Mickey truly is evil anyway. It is about time he grew a pair of balls and had a personality beyond perpetual milktoast however.

John J. said...

Speaking of evil... I kinda feel sorry for Minnie. She's essentially squishified in the truck when he transforms. x_x

CharlesRaymondTaylor said...

I wonder if this version of Optimus Prime/Mickey will also be voiced by Dana.

*robot sounds*
Okay now I'm the truck. Honk Honk. I've got to turn back into the robot so I can walk across the bridge.
*robot sounds*

The Position Paper said...

Why the fuck does "American Dad" do 9-fucking-million episodes, and no more "Squidbillies"?

John J. said...

Uh.... who said no more Squidbillies? I'd say Turner got screwed out of buying 20 mew eps this April if that's the case.

The Position Paper said...

Well fan me with a brick and call me a moron. Pray tell, are there more "Squidbillies" episodes in the making? Praise Yahweh!

(In Granny's voice: "I'm a confused individual.")

John J. said...

I guess it's time for another whoring -- Jacob if you're reading this: Shut up. --

For all your Squidbillies news and information: Squidbillies Central @

shay2d2000 said...

Damnit...I want one. I am really like transformers and mickey mouse...prolly the only one to say as much.