Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ackroyd's Webbed Feet

Referenced in Snydecast 67 and found by Trout Mask Replica over at the Forums (this vid may be a bit freakish... you were warned)

Stay tuned for Snydecast 69 (in before sex reference.) I've noticed that with the exception of 68, they usually appear on iTunes around 3am EST. Stay tuned.


CharlesRaymondTaylor said...

The snydecast takes you once again to deep dark places that you never wished to know of.

Anonymous said...

That didn't look nearly as bad as I was expecting

John J. said...

Not really, no. The disclaimer was more a safety net... i'm sure there's some prude out there that is offended by the sight of someone prodding their toe skin with a Phillips-Head screwdriver.

Anonymous said...

I saw this clip before an interactive screening of The Blues Brothers at The Valhalla Theatre in Melbourne, Australia in about 1995.

And.... loved... it.

Snydley said...

this is way more fused to me than webbed-I feel cheated, and webbed feet would imply to me more than two toes are fused together. Oh well, that's a showbiz-

All the best-


John J. said...

Get on the phone to Ackroyd and tell him he's a liar then. ;P