Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dana Snyder in The Shawshank Redemption?

Do you remember Dana Snyder's performance in The Shawshank Redemption?

If you have seen the movie think hard! Do you remember seeing Dana Snyder?

Was he the cantankerous prison warden? Was he a cantankerous young inmate that was constantly scheming to escape? Was he that cantankerous vaudevillian that came in to entertain the inmates and was shanked by Tim Robbins?

Nope, Dana Snyder played 1954 Food-Way Woman... and yes, she was cantankerous.

Take a look at the closing credits:

Of course this wasn't THE Dana Snyder, it was this lady:

She acts opposite the legendary James Whitmore in one scene where she utters the line:
Make sure your man 'double bags' last time he didn't 'double bag' and the bottom near came out.

It's much sexier the way she says it.
I don't remember this part of the movie, but I assume the line is followed by some heavy canoodling between James Whitmore and Dana Snyder.

The whole movie seems to be on youtube and if you really need to see the clip for yourself it starts at about 5 minutes into this video. 'Dana Snyder' can be found in the credits in this video at 9 minutes 30 seconds.


John J. said...

Lulz. I remember debunking this rumor back in the early days of AquaTeenCentral.com. Good times. :D

Fun (or useless...) fact: We'd actually mentioned this in Dana's original bio on ATC, and Florida Supercon had hijacked it for a short while, leading to the update on this page now.

Dr. Wienerbreath ESQ said...

John, that is hysterical! The link you provided didn't seem to go where you wanted it to, but I did a google search and found

I noticed that woman's name in the credits when watching the film a few weeks ago. I thought the fact that she was named Dana Snyder was interesting, but then I remembered the silly double entendres in her dialogue and thought I would share it.

Interesting to hear that people once thought that either
the Food-Way woman voiced Master Shake or that the Shawshank Redemption featured Dana in drag.

Dr. Wienerbreath ESQ said...

I included the same link twice. One of them should have been

John J. said...

Yeah, that last link was pulled directly from the original Aqua Teen Central: ATHF Cast Page. The whole "debate" stemmed from the fact that the old TVTome.com website had OUR Dana listed as the other one.

Here be another link. Hopefully one that works.

Unknown said...

Dana Snyder was my next door neighbor in Cleveland Ohio! She is a wonderful old woman, and even signed my blu ray copy of the film!

staycejayne said...

She was also an amazing dance instructor and actor in the Cleveland area for many years!!